Examining The Facts For Locating Elements In Bridal Vows

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An Essential Breakdown Of Efficient Products

Kate Maras dogs are going to be in herwedding

Bhojpur wedding Police identified the reluctant groom as Anil Kumar, 25, son of Veeru Singh of Sanya village under Piro police station of Bhojpur, who was slated to wed Gita  Kumari, 22, daughter of Rampravesh Singh of Akarhi village under Agiaon  Bazar police station, about 85 km west of state capital, Patna.  The wedding party had reached Akharhi for the Monday night wedding. The ‘dwar puja’ ceremony, at which the groom and other members of party were ceremonially received, was a grand affair and it was time of the vistors to enjoy an afternoon of dance and frolic. Police said the trouble started when some members of the ‘baraat’ party started misbehaving with the women dancers commissioned by the bride’s side to entertain them. Some youth climbed on to the stage and allegedly started getting ‘familiar’ with the dancers, locally referred to as ‘baijis’. When matters started going out of hand, the people from the bride’s side tried to restrain the effervescent ‘baraatis’. To this, the groom and some of his friends to a strong objection and a scuffle between the two sides ensued. Thereafter, the groom, angry over what he claimed was his humiliation, decided to call off the wedding and returned to his native village, along with other members of the wedding party, ignoring the entreaties of the bride’s family. The SHO said the bride’s side brought the matter to the Agian Bazar police station on Monday night and by the time the police reached Akharhi, the wedding party had already left. Then, on Tuesday morning,he called people from both sides to sort out their differences but the groom remained adamant he won’t marry. After much convincing, the groom agreed but onlyon the condition that the wedding rituals would be performed either at a temple or on police station premises. But the bride’s insisted it had to happen at the ‘marwa’ (a special platform) prepared for the occasion as to perform the rituals at any other place would be inauspicious.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/in-bihar-jail-threat-triggers-rethink-in-groom-who-called-off-wedding-on-whim/story-WprsmQvGeIYTK2QReZJyoK.html


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