Basic Questions On Necessary Issues For Bridal Nuptials

Id love to pass that recipe on because, when I went to live on my own, it was one of the first things she taught me to make. My greatest fear is going back to where I was in 2002, when I didnt have a record deal and I was very fat; I dont want to use the F-word but I am going to have to, because I was. So Dawn and I are pretty strict with our own eating. At the moment we are loving Persian and Thai food. I often do a Thai fish curry. I know the basics and I make it up as I go along, and often cook one a day in advance. A curry always tastes better the next day and, because Im out all day working, I cook stuff to take with me. I also do a really good spag bol and sneak in a bit of Worcestershire sauce; that always gets clean plates. I try not to be a food fascist around the kids. Weve never forced them to eat anything they dont want to. Dawn and I often eat separately from the children, as I frequently dont get in until 7pm or 8pm, so unfortunately family meals arent quite like the ones I remember from childhood.

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