Thinking About Finding Critical Elements For Wedding Shoes

The frustrating thing is that no amount of money is going to ensure perfection. You think it will but the wedding market is a racket, so youre going to be spending more and not necessarily getting the quality you think you should get. And I think thats what actually breeds the bridezilla thing. We talk about in the book how we really dont like the term bridezilla because its like calling an opinionated woman pushy or mouthy or something. Its almost a less offensive slur. You are spending so much and its still not ensuring the quality that you would think it would ensure, and that makes people lose their mind. Youre not a wedding expert, youre just someone who had one. Does that makes you as qualified to write a wedding book as a so-called expert? I in no way consider myself an expert. Ive talked to friends after they had their weddings and theyll say, Oh my god, it was so fun! It was the best, wasnt it? And then theres an awkward pause and we both take prolonged sips of water: The photographer, though, lets talk about that. Theres something that theyre holding on to that they feel like they cant say right away because its almost admitting defeat, and I think because I do stand-up comedy its very easy for me to lash out and explore those flaws.

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